Thursday, May 3, 2018

Unawatuna: The very best place for snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Unawatuna beach is a picturesque semicircular bay beach based out few kilometers south from Historic Fort city of Galle. It is one of the biggest tourist destination in Sri Lanka and is the most famous beach in the country. This amazing banana-shaped beach is surrounded by tall palm trees, golden sands and turquoise waters.

There are so many superb hotels found in Unawatuna. As a great place to recharge our energy levels and discover the meaning of our lives, Coco Bay(Snorkiling) Resort in Unawatuna came to our mind in a flash. We were so hesitant to try out this so-called amazing place.
Due to the tedious workaholic life, our lives seems to have dropped below par. As a remedy to bring back the positivity of our life, we were glad on having made the best decision, to visit Coco Bay ( in Unawatuna.
When we set our sights on the hotel for the first time, we became so sure that we will be definitely be spending a wonderful time here. We were welcomed by the support staff who were very friendly, welcomed and helped us in many ways as if we were a royal family. And we felt this wonderful place as our home sweet home.
There were several flavors of luxurious rooms and suites that we had to choose but for us it was a tough decision to choose the best flavor for us, since everything looked like the royal rooms with so many stunning decorations.
We dived into the Swimming pool in the Resort and it brought us many unexpected moments we have never experienced before like amazing breezing winds of the ocean, clear view of the beautiful skies, the sounds of the sea’s crushing waves along with the spectacular view of the golden Sunset.
A trip to Unawatuna without snorkeling is just like bread without butter. Snorkeling at Unawatuna is the best thing that will happen to your life and we can guarantee it. We were able to enjoy world-class Scuba-Diving and Snorkeling tours of Coco Bay Resort. We were able to see the hidden beauty under the sea crystal clearly. That includes the astonishing beauty of colorful coral reefs and many species of tropical fish as well as fascinating ship-wrecks. Having a marvelous dive under the sea, for a moment we forgot the actual world we living in. It rather felt like as we are in different world and we completely lost our minds and words and it felt like a dream world.

The visit to world’s largest blue whales colony was an incredible experience and words cannot describe how proud we are to be Sri Lankans, lucky enough to witness these marine mammals. The resort has provided enough facilities to make this visit simply memorable.
Our minds and our soul got magnetized to the astounding beauty surrounding in Unawatuna and it was really difficult to resist the beauty of this place. Deep inside our hearts, we definitely want to visit this place once again when the time comes right to once again to lift our mind, our body and our spirits to the best level. As a word of advice, we recommend you to visit Coco Bay Resort in Unawatuna. You will not regret it for lifetime. You will be 100% amazed.

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