Thursday, May 3, 2018

Coco Bay Unawatuna: Perfect Place to Discover the Opulent Beauty of Unawatuna

I paid a hopeful visit to Coco Bay resort( in Unawatuna in an attempt to discover the purpose of life. And this resort just exceeded my expectations. I not only found the real purpose of life, but also a pure love for my life and Mother Nature. Everything worked out really great in my visit to Amazing Coco Bay Resort in Unawatuna. Hear out the story of my adventurous journey in Unawatuna.
 I was tired. I was unfit. I was depressed. I was inactive. All because of my tenacious working schedule. I wanted to get out from it. At the same time, I was looking for a heaven like place to boost my good mood. Then I got to know about this wonderful place, Coco Bay Resort.
Coco Bay resort is a boutique-style resort, showcasing a beachfront restaurant, an aqua gym and an outdoor pool. This resort is one of the top pickings of “”, the popular travel fare aggregator website. Coco Bay provides lots of facilities for different activities like whale watching, snorkeling, diving, yoga treatments at a very reasonable price.
I was so excited when I first entered into this magnificent looking place. The staff of the resort paid a very warm welcome I had not expected and helped me in every way to book the best suited room in a jiffy. My living space was vibrant orange in color and are eye catching with minimalistic fittings.       
The surrounding of the resort has the picturesque Indian Ocean and the golden beach. The clear blue skies mixes the ocean with bluish color to the sea surface. On my first day, I wanted to enjoy the services in hotel premises. I was so excited to try out the yoga sessions in the resort. This session is guided by a qualified yoga instructor. So I was pretty sure that I will not break a bone in my body.  
The yoga sessions were energetic. It helped improve the flow of my arms and my legs. It was indeed very difficult at first. But once you get the momentum, you will find it easy to carry on. Doing yoga, I regained the buried energies in my body. My muscles got rejuvenated and I felt like I am back to my younger self. The weights like stress, fear, rage in my head perished. I felt like a bird freed from the cage and exploring the wide world outside. After the yoga session, I got an unforgettable dive into the outdoor pool and I felt refreshed feeling cool breeze of the ocean, hearing the sea’s crushing waves and seeing the beautiful skies along with the spectacular view of the sunset.
If you ever go to Unawatuna, you should try out snorkeling and diving into the ocean. I was lucky enough to discover the underwater paradise whose beauty is unmatched. Beautiful coral reefs, tiny tropical fish and mysterious shipwrecks were witnessed. This underwater adventure felt like watching a 3D movie with virtual reality.
Whale watching is another fascinating activity that I enjoyed thoroughly. Watching these gigantic whales and friendly dolphins made my stay unforgettable. I have never thought that my lifetime dream of watching whales will be real. Thanks to Coco Bay( staff, their efforts have made my dreams come true. I am indebted for that.
That concludes my adventurous journey in Unawatuna. I am back to myself again. I got fully energized to work harder in future. I will definitely set my foot upon this resort once again when I want to rejuvenate myself. If you ever lost your path to living, try out this place for once. You will definitely bounce back again.

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