Thursday, December 6, 2018

Why visit Unawatuna for complete rejuvenation?

Unawatuna is located in the southern part of Sri Lanka, near the Galle fort city, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. There are enough reasons about why one should visit this wonderful location for complete restoration of their mind, body and soul. Besides, Unawatuna is not just a mere beach. It also offers you the chance to witness several more awesome places that one must check out for the lifetime.

The picturesque semi-circular bay of Unawatuna beach is a wonderful creation of mother nature. In simple words, it is exhilaratingly beautiful. The shore is banana-shaped and is surrounded by palm trees, golden sands and blue sea waters.

Unawatuna got developed in recent times, upgrading the infrastructure facilities and improving the access to common services. Even great hotels and resorts have been built to give the best possible experience to the tourists. Coco Bay Resort is a great place to stop by during your trip to Unawatuna. The staff is very and supportive at the same time. Your stay in the resort will be felt like a royal treat since everything is in order and felt like a sweet home. Their rooms are designed and decorated to meet the touches of traditional and modern styles and with ample amenities. The outdoor swimming pool in the resort will allow you to enjoy the moment of an unforgettable dive with the touch of cool winds from the sea and scenic views of the sky.

You must try to visit many wonderful places in Unawatuna. Go for some adventure time with snorkeling and diving. It will be an awesome experience. Check out how different the world of underwater is from the surface world. It will be like we are immersed in a 3D world. You can catch a glimpse of fallen ships beneath the ocean. They are so mysterious as it will remind you of horror movies. The coral reefs found under the sea is very colorful and of different shapes. You will be able to marine animals like Sea Turtles and different varieties of Fish species very closely. You will be lost in thoughts for a moment. All the stressful moments in the office will fade away and you will feel the peace in the mind. You have the chance to surf in a wild style in the calm seas nearby.

Do not be discouraged if you know nothing about diving and surfing. Special classes guided by the pros are organized by the hotel and it will help you a lot in mastering these awesome skills.

The resort provides more attractive facilities like luxurious boat rides, breakfast, etc. for people visiting the world’s largest blue whale colony in Mirissa, placed 20 km south to Unawatuna.

The journey does not end here. You should try out the Yoga and Wellness sessions from the resort. They are amazing and are worth to be tried out. Guided by the experts, these sessions bring the total rejuvenation to your mind and body and ultimately, peace to the soul.

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