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Japanese Peace Pagoda in Rumassala

During the colonial times, Rumassala was famous as Buona Vista and was decorated with a number of mythical tales. For instance, India's famous epic 'Ramayana' has reference to Rumassala as the abode of its female protagonist, Sita. In fact, the birth of Rumassala is largely described in Ramayana. Hanuman, a character in Ramayana, was carrying the Himalayan Mountain and accidentally dropped a part of it. That part later came to be known as Rumassala. The mountain is well known as a place where a large number of medicinal plants grow naturally. As for medicinal plants, the epic describes how Hanuman, a monkey soldier, was sent to India to collect more medicinal herbs from Himalaya to heal Lakshmana, another character in Ramayana. He is said to have been injured in a battle with Ravana, Lanka's king according to Ramayana. Many other tales also surround this mount called Rumassala.

Since Rumassala is located in Unawatuna, hotels could easily be found in the area for accommodation purposes. Being a tourist hotspot Unawatuna is home to a large number of hotels. The best option is to stay at a hotel nearby such as CoCo Bay Unawatuna or others in the area for a few days and explore more myths surrounding the mountain. You will meet many locals who would willingly share what they have heard of the mountain.

When you come from Colombo, you need to pass Galle to reach Rumassala. Having reached there, you will come across the board which directs you to Rumassala Sama Chaitya – also known as Japanese Peace Pagoda. The peace pagoda was set up in 2004. You will find four similar stupas in Adam's Peak, Walapane, Ampara and Bandarawela. The stupa was built by funds from Japan, in a bid to strengthen friendship ties with Sri Lanka – hence it is known as Japanese Peace Pagoda. With that mission aside, you will hear another interesting story about Rumassala from the Portuguese era. The Portuguese are said to have given fake signals from this mountain to Arab trading ships which ultimately hit the rocks and sank down.

Madol Duwa -The island of literature

In the serene setting of Koggala Lake, less than half an hour from CoCo Bay Unawatuna is an island that is a household name among every Sri Lankan: Madol Duwa. Duwa, meaning island, Madol refers to the mangroves that are holding the island in its grasp. Madol Duwa became famous among the locals with the publishing of a young adult novel of the same name, which describes the adventures of two teenagers running away from home seeking refuge on the island. Akin to Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin, the novel became so popular that it was made into a movie in the 1970s, and is now translated into English, and is a part of the local curriculum as well.

Visiting Madol Duwa should be among your list of things to do in Unawatuna, Galle, Hikkaduwa, or Koggala due to its unique beauty. The island can be reached only by a boat. Set off towards the island late in the evening and you will be greeted with beautiful views of the lake mirroring the blue skies above. The island has a clear route marked through the trees, that will lead you through it. There are a stone mortar and pestle in the middle of the shrubbery, a well that is falling apart, and if you look closely, you will be able to see the fallen roof of a cave that inspired the whole story. Walking through the island is not a tiring task, but be careful not to stray from the path for there could be vipers around. However, the island is rather small that if you keep walking in one direction for a steady 20 minutes, you would reach the other end. When you visit Madol Duwa, do not forget to climb to the mound at the west end of the island. If you are lucky, a lone fisherman would be out at the lake, and you will be able to capture a panoramic view of the lake and its lonely companion with a setting sun.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The prestigious 'TRIP ADVISOR' has bestowed the highest honor on COCO BAY by awarding the TRAVELER'S CHOICE AWARD 2017. This is the 4th consecutive year the COCO BAY has bagged this award since inception. In addition the COCO BAY has also been selected as one of the best 25 hotels in Sri Lanka for Service, Hotels for romance and Small hotels.
These awards are based on customer reviews and opinions and awarded to 1% of reputed hotels, worldwide.
The COCO BAY is a luxury boutique hotel located on a semi private beach overlooking the historic Galle Fort across the Indian Ocean. All 16 rooms and suites are with splendid sea view and luxuriously furnished with all facilities including private Jacuzzi's. The 3 Aqua Romance rooms are featured with small private pools and are in much demand.

The COCO BAY is a magnet for the discerning traveler looking for a peaceful and serene holiday with the best of facilities, impeccable service and wonderful food served on the beach complimented by a fine range of wines and cocktails.  

The resort enjoys a high percentage of repeat clientele who return to enjoy the SERENE AMBIENCE, GREAT FACILITIES, THE OUTSTANDING SERVICE and the EXCELLENT CUISINE on offer.

CoCo Bay Unawatuna is a 2017 Travelers' Choice Award Winner
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Welcome to Coco Bay - The Pearl of Unawatuna
Greeted by the sparkling blue waters of the Indian Ocean, your relaxation begins as soon as you arrive at the Coco Bay Unawatuna.

This Boutique resort in south Sri Lanka ensures a matchless Experience with its obliging concierge and a breath taking view of the ocean with its own semi-private beach and spectacular location to make your holiday in Sri Lanka a dream come true.

We look forward to seeing you at our own little corner of paradise in Unawatuna, with our Coco Bay signature welcome drink; a delicious combination of pineapple, lime, ginger and mint aroma completed with a sweet flavor of honey providing the ultimate refreshing experience.

Explore the Resort

Unawatuna is a picturesque fishing village close to Galle and a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka, famous for its stunning coastline and corals. It is a suburb of Galle, about 3 kilometres southeast to the city center and approximately 108 kilometres south of Colombo.
Located on the quieter side of the famed Unawatuna beach away from the hustle & bustle of the main tourist strip, the Coco Bay offers you a quiet and serene atmosphere with catamarans dotting the early morning sea, monkeys on trees and crabs on the beach to keep you company. It is in close proximity to some of the most amazing sightseeing locations in Sri Lanka.

The stunning Coco Bay provides a magnificent view of the Galle fort overlooking the swaying palm trees and stunning sunsets. It is also located a few minutes away from the amazing Galle fort, a Unesco World Heritage site with its vibrant shops, bars and restaurants for a quick stroll down these exciting cobble stoned streets.

Coco Bay offers guests an experience that is intimate and personalized while providing the highest level of service. Each room is uniquely designed with an amazing sea view from several angles even while enjoying a bath in the Jacuzzi. The spacious balconies are ideal for sipping your evening cocktails while watching the magical sun sets, furnished with comfortable day beds and other designer furniture. Certain elements characterize them all — a beautiful natural location, outstanding facilities, exceptional service and a small number of rooms to ensure exclusivity and privacy at an affordable price
Step into your new home for the next few blissful days. Each of the 16 Rooms at Coco Bay has been crafted purely with comfort, relaxation and elegance in mind. Taking the classic materials of nature, blending them with open-air living, intended to make the most of the Unawatuna sunlight and tranquil views along with facilities including a Jacuzzi in the bathroom and a private balcony with a view of the Ocean.

The Resort in Proud & Privileged to have been honored with the following awards by Trip advisor.

Cocobay Unawatuna

2014 - Travellers Choice
            Certificate of Excellence

2015 –  Travellers Choice
             Certificate of Excellence

2016 – Travellers Choice
             Certificate of Excellence

“La Mer” beach restaurant

2015 - Certificate of Excellence
2016 - Certificate of Excellence

The above Certificates are awarded by Trip advisor is less than 1% of the hotels worldwide and it based on the review and opinion of the global travel community.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Galle is the best place to spend your holiday

The capital of the southern province is a city with a colourful history. UNESCO declared World Heritage Site the magnificent Dutch fort is the most popular attraction of the town. 300 year old Dutch atmosphere is still very much alive around the fort and amidst its many historical buildings not invaded by the skyscrapers. The beautiful beach of Unawatuna is just 6km south east of the city center.

The southern coastal belt is the most popular among the tourists and comes to life mainly from October through April when the monsoon moves northeast and the sea becomes calm with blue skies. The earliest European administrative centre of Sri Lanka was the major port and the largest city until the British shifted the port to Colombo. The City of Galle had been the European administrative centre over 4 centuries

Dutch Fort

Portuguese built the first fort to withstand attack from the Sri Lankan kingdoms to the north. Dutch who captured the coastal cities from the Portuguese improved the defence system of the fort, widening the moat on the landside, improving the ramparts and the bastions. British who captured the city did not make many changes as they shifted the part to the northern town of Colombo and therefore the atmosphere of Dutch days are preserved to date. The Dutch entrance to the fort with it VOC with 1669 carved in the inner archway is still in use. Still there are many old Dutch buildings intact and, but unfortunately except for those in the private hands. The ramparts and the bastions still bring to life the old world.

The hotel Cocobay can view the beauty of Galle Fort on a beautiful angel. That is on of the superior advantage a guess can experience by visiting Cocobay.


Koggala has one of the longest beaches in Sri Lanka, and is located in close proximity to the popular tourist resort of Unawatuna, Koggala in comparison is relatively uncluttered as a tourist destination and mostly unexplored. It is the birthplace of noted Sri Lankan author Martin Wickramasinghe and there is a museum, Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum, dedicated to his arts and popular traditions in the town.

Approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) east of Koggala is the Kataluva Purvarama Maha Viharaya temple, which was originally built in the 13th century and has some late 19th century additions. The temple is renowned for its Kandyan-style paintings in the main shrine, dating from the late 19th century. The paintings of musicians, dancers and European figures illustrates an interesting piece of social history. Some of the Jatake tales (episodes from the Buddha's series of 550 previous lives) are painted here, and purportedly are 200 years old. There are also some cameo-style paintings of Queen Victoria and the Queen Mother, done in gratitude of Queen Victoria's role in ensuring the free practice of Buddhism outlined in the Kandyan capitulation of Lanka in 1815. Take a boat trip in the lagoon and Kogggala Lake to see many of its small islands, which is a popular destination for bird watching.

Ahangama / Midigama
Home to a unique type of fishing technique. Silt fishing is a popular fishing method in the area and very beautiful scenery to watch especially during sunset. Ahangama is also a popular surfing location and relatively less crowded than the surfing location to the north.

Hotal Cocobay Unawatuna has a beautiful beach which is more suitable for surfing.

Sri Lankas Most Popular Beach – Unawatuna

Unawatuna is a coastal town in Galle district of Sri Lanka. Unawatuna is a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka and famous for its beautiful beach and corals. It is a lovely banana-shaped beach of golden sand and turquoise water, surrounded with green palm trees! The beach is popular with tourists, and part of the beach is occupied with sun beds for rent. Behind the beach, in between palm trees, is Unawatuna center. It is basically one street full of small nice restaurants and shops selling souvenirs, clothes, water, jewelry and so on. Unawatuna beach can be reach very easily from Hotel Cocobay Unawatuna.

  • Unawatuna Beach and coral reefs
  • Japanese Peace Pagoda
  • Yatagala Raja Maha Viharaya Buddhist Temple
  • Turtle hatcheries (Habaraduwa)

Beach Rating
Sand - Very soft sand, lovely.
Tranquility -  busy with sellers and tourists.
Water - Nice water temperature.
Swimming - Nice for swimming, not too big waves.

If you prefer to visit Galle you can start  your holiday from cocobay resort.we can fulfil your thirsty. For the maximum utility and enjoyment of guesses we have following activities and events.




Elephant ride


Swimming pool, kiddies pool



World's Largest Blue Whale

National Maritime Museum (Galle)

The National Maritime Museum in Galle, Sri Lanka is situated within Galle Fort. It was first opened to the public on 9 May 1992 and is located in a 1671 Dutch Warehouse above the Old Gate of Galle Fort.The Maritime Museum in Galle showcases a collection of boat models, maps, artillery and things found from ship-wrecks, some almost a century old and was severely affected by the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka - but since 2010 has bounced back with aid from the Netherlands, and is pretty well maintained and informative. Under Sri Lanka – Netherlands Cultural Co-operation P
rogram, the Royal Government of Netherlands provided financial assistance for reconstruction of the Maritime Museum. After 3 years period of reconstruction, the Maritime Museum was re-opened to the public.You get a lot of Chinese ceramic retrieved from ships, and some interesting relics and depictions of real people. It's worth the tour if you like models of ships and are fascinated by objects preserved over centuries.

Japanese Peace Pagoda in Rumassala

During the colonial times, Rumassala was famous as Buona Vista and was decorated with a number of mythical tales. For instance, Ind...